Theatre Topics Call for Papers: Citation

Theatre is citational. In rehearsal halls we perform exercises passed down from our teachers. In studios we re-mix ideas from other artists. From Broadway to TikTok to theatre classrooms, we cite, adapt, translate, riff, and play with ideas, scripts, and performances that came before. “Everybody cites,” asserts Annabel L. Kim. But how does theatre cite?

We offer theatrical citation as a jumping-off point for any avenue of inquiry, including:

  • Practice: What’s citation for? Who do you cite and why? How do theatrical productions cite, recycle, and adapt other productions? How does citation function differently for artistic collaborations, classroom practices, or scholarly contributions? How is citation embodied? How is citation performative? As theatre cites, how does that citation feel?
  • Pedagogy: Find at least five sources… How do we teach citation? How do we incorporate citation into the acting, voice, movement, directing, playwriting, dramaturgy, devising, history, design, or technology classrooms? What labor is required for intellectual or artistic acknowledgement? How do we acknowledge theatrical ancestors?
  • Activism “Have you cited a woman of color today?” asks Koritha Mitchell. How can citation be used for social justice? How can citation build communities? How can citation make visible what was previously erased or hidden? What happens if we apply the “Kishonna Gray Test” to our work (citing the work of at least two women and two non-white scholars in a meaningful way)? What are alternative methods of citation and acknowledgement? How can we cite better?
  • Gossip: The stage door. The hashtag. The whisper network. How is citation a social practice? How is citation performed through fan cultures or in parasocial relationships? How do genealogies of knowledge or practice shape our field for better or worse? How do we know what we think we know, as theatre makers, teachers, or scholars?

We invite submissions on these and other questions for the July 2023 print and online issues of Theatre Topics. The deadline for PRINT submissions is October 17, 2022. The deadline for ONLINE submissions is 19 December 2022. Early submissions are encouraged.

We invite submissions in any of three formats: (1) Original Articles, limit 6,000 words, are formal pieces of scholarship that undergo peer review; (2) Notes from the Field, limit 4,000 words, are carefully considered and critically informed personal reflections, interviews, or from-the-trenches accounts; (3) Online Articles, limit 4,000 words, are multimedia-enabled pieces that share and reflect on production, pedagogy, and/or research. For information about these options as well as instructions for submission, visit our website:

Additionally, feel free to contact the editors with any questions or inquiries:

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